Executive Committee

Music Director
Clarence Tan

Orchestra Manager
Ang Qian Hui

Resident Arranger/ Associate Conductor
Mohd Rasull

Siti Zubaidah Bte Said

The Art of Wind Ensemble 2018
Project Committee

Project Manager
Fadhil Aufa Zakariah

Kong Rui-An, Reuel
Muhammad Irfan Bin Hassan

Siti Zubaidah Bte Said

Jedidiah Tan Zheng Hui

Siti Zubaidah Bte Said

AudioImage Wind Ensemble is run by a group of passionate musicians. Committee appointments are voluntary, so If you find that some members have been in the committee for several years running, it’s because they are simply dedicated to the band. If you feel you have experience to share and are passionate about making AudioImage even bigger and better, do approach any of our committee members for a role to play!